FADED AWAY is Gilles Bousquet (aka ‘Mr Flash’ / Ed Banger) and Nic Nicola (co-writer of ‘Vandroid’ soundtrack / Ed Banger).  They describe their sound as “New Romantics going to L.A,” with an emphasis on melody, energy and emotion.  Inspired by 70s and 80s influences, the music has a dreamlike, nostalgic feel yet its sonic, cinematic scope is epic.

The name FADED AWAY in itself is a fitting representation of the band's vibe. In part the literal diminution of childhood memories, now tinged with a certain melancholy, but also a subtle play on the words 'Faye Dunaway', the actress and style icon who radiated glamor and retro-elegance.

FADED AWAY's debut EP "The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned" is out now.

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